It's the ultimate question. She showed me (or rather Joss Whedon) that when your family is falling apart, relationships are breaking and friends are backstabbing you, there's a bigger fight out there. She showed me that when everything is taken away from you, only thing that's left is YOU. So here's my fight. Fight to save the world one soul at a time. Starting with mine. 'The hardest thing in this world is living in it. Be brave. Live'


Conversations at in the night while one my mates is waiting for her flight. 

Conversations at in the night while one my mates is waiting for her flight. 

Cigarettes didn’t phase me, cuts didn’t scare me, drugs didn’t need me but god I went an hour without you and I finally realized what addiction was like

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You matter.

How often we forget the good, simply because we are overwhelmed by the bad? How often we hurt just by the wrong word, but not consoled by the apology? An ‘I love you’ is no longer more sincere than the words ‘Maybe we should stop talking’. How sad it is that we are willing to believe in the worst only when it is aimed at us, but we believe in the sincerity of someone else professing their love to another? 

When did we start believing that truth is what makes and follows a disagreement? A fight. An ‘I love you’ in the night before you sleep has become just words. It’s not an ‘I’m telling you I love you because what if I don’t wake up’. Saying ‘I love you’ is a way of saying ‘please know you are loved’. Just as a reminder to say that they’re completely loved and that should be their last thought before sleep, or when they first wake up.

I don’t care what you do’, ‘You are not important’, ‘Stay away from me; all these words just say how unimportant you are. Someone hanging up the phone, shouting at you in front of others, swearing, breaking your word, arriving late with no excuse, ignoring you, forgetting that you exist altogether; it’s all just show how unimportant someone is to you. 
We tend to believe these more than someone saying ‘I love you, I’m sorry I said those’. Your heart doesn’t want to believe it. All you hear is the words that were so harshly thrown at you. You think if someone truly cared about you or loved, words of anger would never pass their lips directed at you.

That’s not the case though, is it? People say what they don’t mean all the time. Filled with anger and frustration, and a need to hurt, you utter lies fuelled by hate. When they ignore you, or they walk out on you, that’s an action out of anger that shows how worthless you are. However, where’s the action for the love? Where is the sincere apology or the ‘I love you’ that comes from the heart? Where’s the action? Where are the little things? Hate actions are made at a moment of emotional intensity, but actions of love should be there everyday. Just small things to say ‘Hey I thought of you. You are a big part of my life and I am so glad you are in it’. 

An ‘I love you’. Before you sleep. Before you wake up. Before hanging up the phone. Before you leave someone. Just a reminder. You are loved. Your existence matter to someone. Having you in my life has changed it for the good and I’m thankful. 

If this is the last thing I say or if this is the last thing they’re going to hear, then I want it to be an ‘I love you’.