It's the ultimate question. She showed me (or rather Joss Whedon) that when your family is falling apart, relationships are breaking and friends are backstabbing you, there's a bigger fight out there. She showed me that when everything is taken away from you, only thing that's left is YOU. So here's my fight. Fight to save the world one soul at a time. Starting with mine. 'The hardest thing in this world is living in it. Be brave. Live'


You are not the only one I CAN talk to. You are the only one I WANT to talk to. You are not my best friend because of lack of choice. You are my best friend because I value you more than the rest.


Just read the messages you put up for me here when I was feeling down. I’m sorry I forget sometimes how amazing we are together. This week was proof that we laugh the most when we are together being silly. I hope you know how much I love you. Just wanted you to remind you that. 

Rib ♥’s Adam

"Jay is sitting in the passenger’s seat,
hair pulled back, fingers heavy
and graceful with rings,
and it’s raining,
and I haven’t seen her in weeks,
and I’m laughing the way I only laugh with her,
and it’s like we were never away from each other at all.
Her iPod plays some song that makes
me cringe, and I drive her to
Wendy’s for an iced tea and French fries with barbecue sauce
because it’s her favorite.
What do you wanna do, she asks,
and I say I have no clue, because I don’t.
Because it doesn’t matter.
What I should say is,
I could sit and watch traffic with you
until the sun went down and still
consider it a day well spent. 
I could park the car in an empty A&P 
parking lot and take pictures of you
doing cartwheels, and that sounds like a good idea, actually, let’s do that.
Jay is sitting in the passenger’s seat,
like a permanent fixture, like my
favorite past time, and she’s 
telling me about school and what 
it’s like three states over, 
and I’m trying to listen but there’s too much love in the way 
and I don’t want to yell it at her.
If I did, it would sound like this:
You are the best person I’ve ever known.
You are my favorite.
I will always be here for you.
I never get sick of you.
I am always hoping you’re okay.
Thank you for existing so close
to me.
Thank you for being my person.
I love you better than anyone.” 

— Caitlyn SiehlThe Best Friend Poem

As always… to Adam. 

At least in death your dead what can you disappoint.

Little by little I’m dying inside. I’ve stopped acting how I feel because it’s not fair on the people around me. So I shut up and just stay. Some already thinks it’s unfair how I need them. If only they understood that they’re the reason I’m still alive. Maybe I should let them all go and see where I end up.